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Our Past Productions

Feb-07  Mnango Valley Murder Mystery 


May-07  Love Begins at 50 by Raymond Hopkins


Dec-07  Mates Meet Again Murder Mystery


May-08  Girls Night!  by Louise Roche (NODA Award for Best Entertainment)


Jul-08  Cloak & Dagger Murder Mystery by Chris & Wendy Shelstone


Sep-08  Smalls Talk & Last Respects (One Act Plays)


Nov-08  Murder at The Cafe Resistance by Chris Shelstone (NODA Award)


Mar-09  Theatre of Horror Murder Mystery


May-09  Happy Campers (NODA Nomination & Award for Best Entertainment)


Jul-09  When I were A Kid (Nostalgia Night) compiled by Garry Norris


Sep-09  Cloak & Dagger Murder Mystery Event at St Teresa's, Penwortham


Oct-09  Girls Night Too! by Louise Roche


Nov-09  When I Were A Kid (Nostalgia Night)- St Patricks, Southport


Feb-10  When I Were A Kid (Nostalgia Night)- Much Hoole Village Hall


Mar-10  Quiche of Death Murder Mystery by Chris & Wendy Shelstone


Jun-10  Inspector Drake & The Black Widow by David Tristram


Oct-10  Fangs Aint Wot They Used To Be - Murder Mystery by Harlequins


Dec-10  What The Dickens! - Comedy play. Nominated for Best Actor (Chris Shelstone)


Jun-11  Comedy One Act Plays - The Little Box of Oblivion by Stephen Bean and Orca the Goldfish by David Tristram. 

  Winners of Best Overall Production with Orca the Goldfish. Nominated for Best Performance (Chris Shelstone)


Sep-11  Murder Mystery Event at The Old Links Golf Club, Southport


Oct-11  A Spot of Murder! by Geoff Bamber. Nominated for Best Actor (Chris and Martyn)


Oct-11  Murder Mystery Event at Green Drive Golf Club, Lytham 


Jun-12  Murder at Stodge City - A Murder Mystery event written by Harlequins


Nov-12  Ghost Writer by David Tristram


May-13  Inspector Drake & The Time Machine by David Tristram


Sep-13  Come Fly With Me - Murder Mystery


Mar-14  Variety Entertainment Night starring The Whole Cast


May-14  Hypnosis by David Tristram


Sep-14  Murder At Sea


Feb-15  Dick Whittington Panto


Jun-15  Variety Show


Sep-15  Murder in Benidorm (Murder Mystery event)


Feb-16  Cinderella (Panto) (Best supporting Actor Award - Wendy & Adrienne)


Jun-16  Inspector Drakes Last Case by David Tristram


Sep-16  Murder in Space (Nominated best Production)


Oct-16  Variety Show (Nominated Best Show)


Feb-17  Snow White Panto


Jun-17  Inspector Drake & The Black Widow by David Tristram

Mar-18  Life & Soul of the Party (Murder Mystery Event.

Jun-18  One Act Play (Death in Character) + Variety Show section

Dec-18  Mother Goose - A family Panto

Mar-19  Murder at Stodge City (Murder Mystery event)

Dec-19  Christmas Themed Variety Show

Jul-21    Variety Show (coming out of lockdown)

Oct-21   Murder Most Fylde (Murder Mystery event)

Feb-22  Jack & the Beanstalks - a Family Panto - 5 NODA award nominations

May-22  Last Tango in Freckleton by David Tristram + Variety show section.

Nov-22  Murder in Space (Murder Mystery event) Noda award nomination

Apr-23  Last Respects by Colin Calvert (One Act comedy play) + Variety show section

Sep-23  A musical evening with comedy sketches.

Dec-23  Come Die With Me (Murder Mystery Event) - Rob Lambert Nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

Mar-24  70's & 80's Theme Night

Jun-24  Nature Calls (Murder Mystery Event)

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